In 2015 I started fiddling with elasticsearch and it got me excited to explore field of Information Retrieval more. In that attempt lately I started reading “An Introduction to Information Retrieval(Christopher D. Manning Prabhakar Raghavan Hinrich Schütze)” and also started exploring Lucene Internals to understand the field of IR in depth.

Typically in my spare time I try to explore/hack elasticsearch or lucene. Working with these technologies emphasizes how amazing opensource can be and success of any opensoure technology is often attributed by the contributions made by the consumers of that technology(individual developers, organizations), hence in case I use any opensource software I always make sure to give back, I have been contributing to Drupal Project and have started contributing to elasticsearch as well, right now my contributions to ES is limited to fixing errors in Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide but soon would try to contribute in terms in code as well to ES, Lucene and Solr.

This blog is an attempt to share the knowledge I gain through various resources on Information Retrieval, and to be honest I just needed another reason to play around with Jekyll as well ;).

Hoping to share something meaningful.